Distance learning – for who?

Distance learning is suitable for students that need flexibility regarding timing and attendance. The students that take part in distance learning needs to be self-directed and it is required that they can plan their own time.

To understand the starting point of the students and to get to know the students better can be supported by:

· Advance assignments (quizzes, self-assessment, diagnostic tests with our without pre-reading material)

· To plan the first assignments in order to get information about the students (for example letter of motivation, assignments that measures the interest in the course, expectations, their knowledge about the topic etc. )

· Quiz, test or other mapping of the students’ knowledge base. 

· Student feedback from previous course implementations 

· Interviews with teachers that have taught in previous implementations of the course. 

Today’s students are inspired of short sections, videos as support for the learning and interactivity on-line and on smartphones.   



Check student feedback from previous years! 

Are there issues like the student’s performance, drop out from the course or the student’s activity where you can develop solutions in the distance learning? 

Check how Kirsi Aaltonen from University of Oulu change her lecture course to an on-line course:

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