Working online and learning assignments

It is important that the student is not on their own in the online course. The teacher's guidance and feedback are central and should relate to the learning tasks that are done by the student during the studies.

The student's work should be planned in detail before the studies begin, i.e. the necessary materials, learning assignments, group assemblies, working forums, schedules and places of guidance have been considered before students begin. It is essential to activate the students to work on the topic to produce content, give each other feedback and get guidance from the teacher and others.

The added value of fully online education is its flexibility. The weakness of online courses, on the other hand, is a bigger group of dropouts, i.e. the percentage of dropouts in open online courses (MOOC) is higher than in-class courses. It is advisable to reserve resources for student guidance and feedback during your studies, and especially to get started working carefully.

A good learning assignment inspires and guides the student to think about the key issues and tasks by making the student achieve the learning objectives set for the studies.

A good learning task is in line with competence goals and assessment methods. Generic skills, i.e. knowledge-seeking skills, learning skills and work-life skills are practices when the student is doing the learning assignments and are also taken into account in guidance and feedback. At the beginning of the online course, you should favor tasks that group students together, and thus create a sense of community for the online course.

Learning tasks or assignments are, of course, part of the course. Do not do unnecessary learning tasks, but make assignments that contribute to the students learning and that activates students. Think about how learning tasks are checked and rewarded. Who gives feedback and the progress of the course be like a game.

Learning assignments are assessed according to the curriculum either on the basis of pass or fail or a numerical value. It is natural to build a teacher presence in the form of individual feedback on assignments, group feedback and video feedback. Different forms of peer feedback can be used alongside.

It is good to have a variety of tasks, i.e. self-study tasks or group assignments that can be processed in different configurations. It is advisable to step up the broader task into more small tasks and to concentrate the guidance on content or motivationally challenging assignments.


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