Enrol to a Course

Enrol to a course

Either the teacher at the course can enrol you to the course (1) or can inform you to enrol yourself (2) (in this case, you might get a course key from the teacher).  

You only need to register at the course once, in the future you find your own courses from the "My courses" on the Moodle Dashboard or the left navigation bar under "My courses".

In some courses you can join as a guest (3). As a guest, you can look at the course and the material but you are not registered at the course and cannot take part in the activities.

1. The course teacher has enrolled you at the course

If you have been enrolled at the course, you find the course on your Dashboard under My courses. 

The course can be among the In progress, Future or Past courses (you can yourself choose if the course is a favorite or a hidden course in the course card). 

If the course is in Progress you will also find it from the left bar under My courses.

Picture shows a list of your courses that is displayed on the left side menu. A list of different display options for your courses is displayed in the middle of the picture

2. To enroll yourself 

If you register yourself to the course you get the course name or the URL-address to the course and usually also a course key. 

If you get the URL-address you will be directed to the ”course enrolment-page" will open.

If you got the course name, go to the front page, search for the course name in the search function, and then press the magnifying glass.  


Picture show the search bar at the bottom of the front page where you can type in course names

You will then get a list of all the courses that fits our search input. Choose the correct course name, based on the description and the teacher name and click on the course name.  

Picture shows the results from searching a course

When you press the course you will come to the enrolment page. If a key is required, please give a course key and press "enroll me at the course".


Picture shows the enrolment option where you type in the course key to register to a course

Tämän jälkeen kurssin etusivu avautuu.

If there is no key to the course, you just press enroll me to the course.  


Picture shows the join course option for a course that does not require a course key

3. Join as a guest

You can join a course as a guest either with or without a key. You get the key from the course teacher. 

No key

At the end of the course name you can see if the course allows guests, an open lock tells you that you can look at the course as a guest. 


Guest login with a key 

Write the key name and press enroll, you will get in to the course page and can study it. 

Picture shows the guest login option where it is indicated that you can join the course as a guest if you write the course-password

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