Take an exam in DC-Moodle

 1 Opening the exam on the course and the main page of the exam


You can take the exam on the course by clicking on the exam icon / exam name

The main page of the exam usually contains the teacher's instructions for taking the exam. The teacher can tell in the instructions how he wants the essay to be answered, for example, how long time does it take to take the exam, or if you can take the exam more than once. In addition, the instructions may include information automatically added by the exam, such as: 

        ·  the number of execution times in the exam is

        ·  when the exam opens and closes (during this time, you can take the exam at any time as you see fit).

        ·  whether there is a time limit for the exam (when you start the exam you have time to take the exam).

        ·  assessment method

Depending on the settings selected by the teacher for the exam, what information is displayed, for example, if there is no time limit, the information is not displayed. 

 2 Take the exam now - Start the exam.


When you click Start attempt, the exam opens. If there is a time limit for passing the exam, you will be notified. When you select Start Exam , the time runs and the exam opens. If you don't want to take the exam right now, click Cancel. 



3 Exam page

When you start the exam, the questions appear. Questions can be all on one page or divided into multiple pages. 

3.1 The question number box is located in front of each question.


 The screen shows the status of the question. The answer to a question is saved when 

  • Switching from page to page 
  • Press the lock answer button (if the exam type allows multiple attempts at a single pass) 
  • Visit the Quit Exam page (see summary of answers and get back to the questions) 


You will also see the score for the question and you can mark the question to return to it (you will see the marked questions in the Exam Navigation and on the Finish Exam page).   


3.2 The exam navigation is on the right side of the page


In Navigation, you can see the number of exam questions and move on from one question to another. 

Answered (and saved) questions show a gray bottom. If you have tagged a question, it will appear as a red corner . The End Exam button takes you to a page where you can see a summary of the questions (you can still return to the questions).

You will also see the remaining exam time.


3.3 Exam questions

There can be many types of questions in the exam, here are some of the most common ones.


3.3.1 Multiple Choice

Multiple choice has a question and several answer options. You can choose either one correct answer or several correct answers depending on the question. If you have several options to choose from, you'll usually get the full score just by selecting all the right options. Wrong choices can lead to minus points, which can reduce either the score on the question (many correct options) or the total score on the exam (one correct option).


3.3.2 True / False

The question makes a statement. Answer whether the statement is true or not.


3.3.3 Essay

The essay question has a text box where you can write your answer to the question. In some cases, the teacher may have added a response template with some information / things ready.


3.3.4 Short answer

Short Answer questions are answered by writing, the answer is usually one word, but can also be a few words long.

Moodle will automatically check the answer for correct answers entered by the teacher, so the instruction usually tells you in what format the answer should be given if it is not a single word.


 3.3.5 Matching

Match the word/s with the correct word/s in the drop down list.

3.3.6 Fill in the blanks

Fill in the missing words in he blanks in the text. Either by writing them or selecting from a drop-down list.

3.3.7 Select the missing words

Select Missing Words you must select the right words for the missing items. All missing words have the same answer options.


3.3.8 Numerical question

The question contains a calculation. Give the answer to the calculation as a number. 

 3.3.9 Calculated

Like a numerical question, but the teacher has defined variables for the question, so Moodle draws the numbers to be counted each time you perform. Enter the answer as a number.


3.3.10 Other Question Types 

There are many other types of questions in the exam, eg combining, calculating and dragging tasks (eg moving text / image to a specific position on the background image).


3.3.11 I lock my answer 

You may see a "Lock my answer" button below the question. It works differently depending on the settings the teacher makes. It can display different information after the answer is locked, and usually the teacher will explain how it works in the exam instructions. It can:

- lock your answers. At the same time, it can also show you feedback and / or score on a task.

- will check your answer, show you the answer was wrong / wrong and / or give you a hint if you answered incorrectly, after which you can try the answer again during the same Exam.

-Responding during the same exercise will usually reduce the points you get from the task.


3.3.12 Assessment of your confidence

You can get a question after the submission that says: How sure are you? This question affects the points you get from the task:

- If you answer correctly and you are sure you will get the maximum score. If you are Moderately confident, you will receive slightly less points and if you are not very sure, you will receive the least points.

- If you answer incorrectly and you are very sure you will get minus points. Moderately confident gives a little less cons and if you are not very sure you will get 0 points.

- When you lock in the confidence, you can also get feedback and / or score. The teacher may also have chosen to show this information only at the end of the exam.

 3.4 Navigation Buttons

At the bottom of the page you'll find transition buttons (depending on whether the exam has been passed or not):

Use the Previous and Next Page buttons to move forward and backward in the exam (if the exam questions are on different pages).   

The Exit Exam button will take you to the Exam Performance Summary page (does not return an exam yet). 


4 Exam Performance Summary

After the test you get a summary of how you have answered to the questions. 



On the summary page you will see which questions you have answered, which you have not answered or whether the answer is incomplete.

If you have tagged a question, you will see a flag icon behind the question number.

You can return to the question by clicking on the question number or at the bottom of the page, using the Back to Run button.

The remaining exam time is displayed at the bottom and the Reset All and Quit button allows you to return the exam for evaluation   


4.1 Return the exam for evaluation


Once you have answered all the questions and want to return the exam for evaluation, click Submit all and finish at the bottom of the page. 

You will still receive a confirmation window where you can confirm or cancel your exam refund.


5 Resume the exam within the time limit!

Usually the exam is automatically saved at the end of the time or you will not be able to answer the questions, but you still have some time to return the exam. In some exams, the teacher may have determined that exam answers will not be considered if the exam has not been returned within the time limit. So return your exam within the time limit!


6 After taking the exam

In the exam settings, the teacher has selected what you will see after the return.

·  You can see, for example, a summary of the exam with information (questions, answers, what went right, what would have been the right answer, feedback, etc.).

·  Or you will be directed to the main exam page where you will see a summary of your performance.

·  The summary may include information selected by the teacher, such as points and feedback.

·  Review exam button may give you the opportunity to view the exam in more detail and get feedback on your answers, for example, when the exam is closed. 

7 Try the exam again

On the main exam page, below the Summary, you can retry the exam if multiple passes are allowed.



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