Assignments and assignment submissions


You will recognize the Assignments in your class from the   icon. The assignment can request you to submit a file (one or more) or write / copy the task return directly to Moodle. Sometimes an assignment can be submitted for comments earlier, before the actual submission. Follow the assignment instructions!

Task to be returned as a file

If you are asked to return the assignment as a file, follow the instructions given by the teacher about the format of the file to be returned (eg "The task will be returned as a Word document or .docx file" or "The task will be returned as PDF").

Save the task files on your computer and name them as instructed by your teacher. The name of the file should avoid extra dots in addition to the required file extension (eg .docx).


Submitting a file step by step




First, click on the Add submission button,


Then EITHER drag the file from your computer's file manager to its designated area OR click the button:


IF YOU CLICKED More ... then in the File Picker that opens, select Upload File on the left, then click the Choose File button to download the file from your computer. Once you have selected the file from your computer, click the Upload this file button.


Remember to click the Save Changes button so that the file you added will be saved.


After successfully submitting the file, you will be taken back to the homepage of the task, which will also display the file you have returned.

Later, if / when the teacher has evaluated the work you are submitting, the evaluation you will receive will be displayed at the end of this page. The Submission status has also changed to Graded status.


Problems uploading a file

File too large

You cannot upload a file larger than the size set by your teacher in task settings. When you are uploading an assigment and clicking the Add submission (or Edit submission) button on the task's front page, the next page shows the maximum size of the New Files, which tells you how large the individual file you are restoring can be.

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