Joining the course as a student

The course teacher may have enroled you in the course (1) or they may have instructed you to enrol yourself in the course via self-registration (2). Self-registration often uses a course key (enrolment key), which you can get from the teacher or the University that teaches the course.

You only need to enrol in the course once; in the future, you will find the course in your own course overview in Moodle's dashboard.

Some courses may have "Guest Access" (3) available. As a guest, you can view the course and materials, but you cannot participate in course activities.

1. The course teacher has enroled you in the course

If you have already been added to the course, you can find the course in the Dashboard under the Course overview section, where you can see the courses you are enroled in. The course can be in In progress, Future, or Past (you can mark courses as Favorites and Hidden from the … button on the course card).

2. Joining the course by self-registration

If you are joining the course yourself, you have received either the course name or a URL address from the teacher (or university) to join the course, and usually also a course key.

If you received the course name, type the course name (or the beginning of it) into the "Search courses" box in the top right corner and press the Magnifying Glass icon or "Enter" on your keyboard.

The search will display all the courses that match your search. Choose the correct course based on the name, description, and teachers name, and click on the selected course name. The "Enrolment options" page opens. Enter the course key you received at the bottom of the page at the "Self enrolment (Student)" section and press "Enrol me". If you received the course URL the course address will directly open up the “Enrolment options" page.
After writing the course key and clicking the "Enrol me" option you are registered to the course and homepage of the course will open.

If the course does not require a course key, joining the course is done by pressing "Enrol me" option.

A course may also have self-registration and guest access both available. In this case, you can go directly to the course (and view at as a guest), but to join as a participant and complete the course, you need to click on the "Enrol me to this course" button from the menu under the course name on the course homepage.

3. Guest Access

Guest access can be available without a key or a key may be required. You can get the key from the course teacher.

Without a key

An open lock at the end of the course name indicates that you can access the course as a guest without a key. Click on the course name and you will be able to view the course.

Guest login with a key

A key icon at the end of the course name indicates that you can access the course as a guest with a key. Enter the key you received from the course teacher and click Submit, the course homepage will open and you can view the course.

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