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When you have logged into DigiCampus, you can view your profile information through the user menu in the top right corner.


In the Profile section, you can see your personal details, and you can add and update some of your information via the Edit profile link (you can add, for example, your own picture). 

NOTE! Some of the information might be retrieved from your home organization at the time of authentication, such as username, first and last name and email address. You might not be able to change these details in Moodle yourself. If there are any errors in the information that you are unable to change, please contact your organization's support. 

In the Profile section under "Miscellaneous" you can find, for example, "Forum posts" (all the messages you have written in discussion forums) and also the discussions you have started ("Forum discussions"). 


In the Grades section, you can view course grades from your own courses. 


In the Messages section, users can send and receive private messages in Moodle. Additionally, you can receive notifications about assignments, discussion forums, etc. 

My own completions

In the My own completions section, you see course completions. This view shows the courses you are enrolled in (if the course has completion tracking enabled). 


In the Preferences section, you can change personal settings such as the desired language, subscription to discussion forums, text editor, or notifications settings. There is also a link to edit user information (the same as the Profile section).

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