Naming MOOC courses

The names of the courses must be clear and individual, so that students can find and distinguish the courses of different universities/projects from each other, as well as the different implementations of the same course/study module.


Name your MOOC course as follows:

-At the beginning, the identifier of the university or project/MOOC and a colon, e.g., UEF/MOOC:

-Course name and number of credits and course level identifier (e.g., A1)

-At the end of the year, academic year, or semester, as well as a possible distinguishing number or other identifier for course implementations (e.g., 2022-1)


For example:

UEF/MOOC: Fundamentals of formulaic theory 1 cr, 2022

UEF/MOOC: Astronomy for everyone 3 credits, 2022-1

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